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Registrant:                   A24C-158836
Admin Contact:                A24C-158836
Tech Contact:                 GLOB-0022
Registrar:                    ACTI-0024
Created:                      2018-03-22
Updated:                      2021-12-14
Valid Until:                  2023-03-22
EPP Status:                   ok

Registrar:                    ACTI-0024
Name:                         ACTIVE 24, s.r.o.
Organization:                 ACTIVE 24, s.r.o.
Organization ID:              25115804
Phone:                        +421.244460639
Street:                       Sokolovska 394/17
City:                         Praha
Postal Code:                  18600
Country Code:                 CZ
Created:                      2017-09-14
Updated:                      2022-08-12

Contact:                      A24C-158836
Organization:                 Pavel Gorecki
Registrar:                    ACTI-0024
Created:                      2021-12-14
Updated:                      2021-12-14

Registrar:                    GLOB-0022
Name:                         Dušan ?ernák - Globnet
Organization:                 Dušan ?ernák - Globnet
Organization ID:              40091830
Phone:                        +421.949325900
Street:                       Sladkovi?ova 50
City:                         Banská Bystrica
Postal Code:                  97405
Country Code:                 SK
Created:                      2017-09-01
Updated:                      2022-08-03

Information Updated: 2022-08-13 03:11:25

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