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Registrant:                   ESAT-0004
Admin Contact:                ELBIA
Tech Contact:                 ELBIA
Registrar:                    GRAN-0063CZ
Created:                      2015-12-31
Updated:                      2022-01-10
Valid Until:                  2022-12-31
DNSSEC:                       58411 13 2 1adb66389c28fd80f797f29e20208459f5b4c968661945e402bb24f68d61bf0d
EPP Status:                   ok

Registrar:                    GRAN-0063CZ
Name:                         Gransy s.r.o.
Organization:                 Gransy s.r.o.
Organization ID:              28087755
Phone:                        +420.732954549
Street:                       Bo?ivojova 35
City:                         Praha
Postal Code:                  13000
Country Code:                 CZ
Created:                      2017-09-14
Updated:                      2022-08-05

Contact:                      ESAT-0004
Name:                         ESAT, s.r.o.
Organization:                 ESAT, s.r.o.
Organization ID:              44210531
Street:                       Hlavné námestie 17
City:                         Kežmarok
Postal Code:                  06001
Country Code:                 SK
Registrar:                    ELBI-0002
Created:                      2017-09-01
Updated:                      2017-09-01

Contact:                      ELBIA
Name:                         Jozef Sudolský
Organization:                 ELBIA, s. r. o.
Street:                       Stoli?ková 4
City:                         Banská Bystrica
Postal Code:                  97401
Country Code:                 SK
Registrar:                    ELBI-0002
Created:                      2017-09-02
Updated:                      2019-10-02

Information Updated: 2022-08-05 21:29:29

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